Utah County business development officials are currently looking for choice places to hang out . . . signs about the community.

The officials have developed a series of informational panels that can help educate residents and tourists about Utah County offerings.Now they need places to put them.

"We have some of the signs up already," said Richard M. Bradford, chief executive officer for the department. "For example, the new Canyon View Park in the mouth of Provo Canyon has them displayed.

"We have received great support and cooperation from the merchants in downtown Provo, from BYU, UVSC, Thanksgiving Point and Seven Peaks Water Park, but we would love some additional locations around the county."

Bradford said ideally the signs ought to be displayed in 30 different locations.

The sign panels feature maps, a hotel directory, a restaurant guide and information about various activities and enterprises within Utah County.

"When visitors stop and enjoy all Utah County has to offer, everyone in the county benefits economically," Bradford said.

"We urge any individual or organization, with a good location in mind for us to display these visitor guide panels, to please give us a call at 370-8100 and ask for April Peterson or Charlene Christensen."