Depending on who you ask, the 1998 Utah County Fair was a modest success.

Fair director Marilyn Toone says the report she has from the McKay Special Events Director Brent Roberts puts the attendance at about 8,500."If you take into account people coming and going, we probably had between 6,000 and 7,000 attend," said Toone. "We think that's pretty good."

Toone said she didn't really have any expectations since the fair has been relocated and people are dealing with new patterns.

"I was a little disappointed with Friday, but Saturday picked up quite a bit," she said.

Next year, if the fair stays at the McKay Center on the Utah Valley State College campus, the hours may be changed, she said. Instead of opening at 10 a.m. and closing at 10 p.m., Toone said it will probably go from noon until midnight.

Organizers will also try to incorporate more livestock - a tradition many fairgoers missed this year, she said.

"People enjoy the livestock, and the petting farm was definitely the most popular attraction we had," Toone said. "So we'll be looking at that. If we're able to start earlier, we should be able to work something out."

One venue that's been popular in the past, the Rising Star competition for amateur performers, was canceled after only 18 signed up.

Enough retail booth space was sold to almost offset the costs associated with sponsoring the fair.

Thirteen competed in the Miss Utah County Fair Pageant crown won by Melissa Brown of Lindon. Her attendants are Tiffany Gledhill, Provo, and Jenny Lyn Tucker, Lehi. Brittany Campbell, American Fork, will represent the pageant in the Miss Utah State Fair Pageant.

The Monday night Oldies Concert brought out baby boomers and second-generation lovers of rock 'n' roll made famous by The Association, Johnny Tillotson, Bobby Vee and singing groups such as The Shirelles.

"I'm in recovery mode right now," Toone said. "But I think we'll be doing it again next year. "