Dear Abby: I love my boyfriend very much, but he's not affectionate in any way. When I ask him if he loves me, he gets angry. He told me that he said he loved me once, and after that, he shouldn't have to repeat it. He says he wants an independent woman who makes no demands.

Abby, I enjoy his company. He takes me out every weekend and calls me every day. But he never holds my hand or kisses me. I need some affection and reassurance of his love, but he refuses to give it to me.Should I stay in this relationship or move on?

- Miss Gloria in Georgia

Dear Miss Gloria: Metaphorically speaking, you are fire and your boyfriend is ice - a decidedly incompatible combination. Since he is unwilling to fulfill your needs, you should consider ending this relationship so you can be free to find a man who is a better match.

Dear Abby: The letter from the woman whose co-worker told her she wore her pins on the wrong side brought up an ongoing dispute between my father and me. I hope you can settle it.

I am a 30-year-old, well-educated man, and I always dress nicely for work. When I put on my belt, I go around my waist clockwise, with the buckle facing left and the point of the belt to my right.

My father says I am wearing my belt wrong. He says the belt must go counterclockwise, with the point left and the buckle right. He claims all men wear their belts this way.

Abby, is my father correct, and does it really matter which way a man wears his belt?

- Keeps My Trousers Up Anyway

Dear Keeps: I called several clothing stores that feature menswear and presented your question. I was told your father is correct: Belts should be put on counterclockwise so that the end points to the left when buckled.

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