Living in a small northern Utah town, I delight in encountering or at least knowing that a myriad wildlife species inhabit the mountains and river environments near my home. Whether I ride my horse or hike, I love seeing foxes in the sage, moose in the aspen, and the occasional cougar track on remnant snow. I count these the lucky days of my life.

I have always believed that speaking in defense of wildlife is critical to let decisionmakers know that wild creatures have an important, indeed critical, place in this life we all share. A dangerous group of Utahns who want to see wildlife managed solely as a crop, without regard for its ecological importance, has proposed to remove wildlife issues from the realm of public involvement via the unjust and dictatorial Proposition 5 they have placed on the November ballot.Other issues that discriminate against certain Utahns will surely follow in this style, if 5 is allowed to pass. It constitutes a terrifying change in the way citizens can freely practice their right to vote.

Like all wild critters, I cherish my freedom. Assure yours and vote down this self-serving proposition. Or perhaps you want someone who thinks he is smarter and has a better understanding of how democracy works to make important decisions for you.

Margaret Pettis