I would Like to know why our mayor was asking Murray residents to come up with $3.4 million in additional taxes to save our smokestacks when the city already has $20 million of our money sitting in the Murray Power Co. reserve fund. If he really wanted to offer a plan to save the smokestacks, why didn't he propose we use some of that money to pay our share of the retrofitting and restoration costs. Could it be he was afraid the residents would agree to a plan that would save the stacks, yet require no additional taxes?

The smokestacks are a valuable landmark to the city of Murray. They give us something unique that sets us apart from being just another "suburb" of Salt Lake City. They should not be torn down just to make things easier for some development company that doesn't want the added bother of working them into a design plan. That property is one of the prime undeveloped commercial spots in the valley. Murray residents have a right to expect our elected officials and their appointees to work for our interests and not be swayed or bullied by others who are looking out for their own interests. I was very concerned to read of Darcy Pignanelli's husband's ties to the development company interested in the property. I hope our city government officials will not let their decisions be dictated by anyone other than Murray's residents.Lenore Lillywhite