A burglar knew exactly what to haul off in a heist from a discount outlet store: a single pair of mint-condition 1930s Levi's jeans valued at $4,000.

Police in suburban Cuyahoga Falls discovered the theft after responding to a burglar alarm at Village Discount Outlet early Monday.Capt. Lou Dirker thought the store had incorrectly listed the value of the jeans in the theft report. "I think it's highway robbery what they get for them, anyway," Dirker joked.

The pants are distinguishable from ordinary dungarees because of a big "E" stamped in red on a rear pocket, police were told.

Jeans from the '30s are fairly rare, but the theft of vintage jeans isn't anything new, said Lynn Downey, historian for San Francisco-based Levi Strauss Co.

"I've heard of other instances of people backing up trucks to pawn shops and taking nothing but vintage Levi's," Downey said.