The 1998 edition of Deseret News Grid Picks kicks off this Tuesday, and entry coupons will appear in both Tuesday's Deseret News and its Web edition.

"We've been running a college football picks game for many years, but last year was the first time we also included entries over the Internet. It worked so well that we're bringing it back for 1998," said Stephen G. Handy, Deseret News marketing director.Each Tuesday through Nov. 17, the week of the BYU-Utah game, an entry coupon will be published featuring 12 college football games for the upcoming Saturday. Players have until the Friday before the games at 5 p.m. to make their selections and get them to the Deseret News.

The top weekly winner will receive $100 plus two bonus points and a Grid Picks T-shirt from the Deseret News; 10 runners-up will receive the T-shirt.

The scores of all 11 weekly winners will be entered in the cumulative contest to determine a grand prize winner. The grand prize will be a trip for two to a bowl game and will be awarded to the individual with the most cumulative points at the conclusion of the 12-week contest.

"Because the WAC and the Holiday Bowl are no longer associated, we have to simply say a bowl game and hope that either Utah or BYU goes to a bowl game this year," Handy said.

A complete description of the rules is included with the entry coupon each Tuesday, but basically the rules are as follows:

Mark boxes of the featured games to predict winners.

Predict the score of the weekly tiebreaker game, which counts as one of the 12 games.

Legibly write name, address and phone in space provided.

Mail ballots or drop off in person to arrive at the Deseret News by Friday at 5 p.m.

Submit online ballots at by the same deadline.

Results will be tabulated on the Monday following the Saturday game (except for the first week because Monday, Sept. 7, is Labor Day; this week only, the entry coupon will appear on Wed., Sept. 9) and be published alongside the new entry coupon for that week.

Photocopies, faxes and computer-generated entries will be disqualified.

Handwritten entries are acceptable.

Only one entry per person per week is allowed. If a winner isn't determined by the tiebreaker formula, a random drawing will be held.

There's always confusion about how the grand prize winner is determined, said Handy. Perhaps the best way to explain it is to use the example of last year's winner, Scott Root of Provo.

Root was a runner-up winner for games on Oct. 4 and Oct. 11. One week he got 10 correct; the other week 9. That gave him a cumulative score of 19, which was good enough to win. Only the scores of the top 11 winners each week are entered into the cumulative contest.

For information on Deseret News Grid Picks, call 237-2138.