Q. Please explain the family situation on "Sister, Sister." Aren't Tia and Tamera twins? Isn't Ray their father; who is Lisa? Please set me straight. I've just started watching this program. - B.J., Cincinnati, Ohio

A. Tia and Tamera are twins, separated at birth. But unlike the twins in "Parent Trap" who each went with a different parent, the "Sister, Sister" girls were adopted. Ray is Tamera's adopted dad; Lisa is Tia's adopted mother.

Q. I hear that Luke Perry is returning to "Beverly Hills, 90210." Is it true? Please tell me all the info. - A "90210" Fan, Grand Prairie, Texas

A. Perry has inked a deal with producer Aaron Spelling to return to "90210" as Dylan McKay, a role he left two years ago to concentrate on movie projects. There hasn't been a lot revealed about how and when Dylan will make his comeback, only that it will happen. Spelling also has negotiated for former "Melrose Place" star Laura Leighton to join "90210." All the better to combat the competition for young viewers from WB's "Dawson's Creek."

Q. What ever happened to Michael Pare? Has he done anything since his "Eddie and the Cruisers" movies? - M.R., Dallas, Texas

A. Pare had trained to be a chef at the Culinary Institute of America in New York when he decided to switch careers. He quickly landed the role of Tony Villicana on "The Greatest American Hero" in 1981. After the success of "Eddie and the Cruisers," he starred in a string of sci-fi and action movies and another TV series, "Houston Knights." Most recently, he shared the screen with Sandra Bullock in "Hope Floats." Next up are two new movies, "Men of Means" and "October 22." When he's not making movies, Pare lives in Amsterdam with his Dutch wife and their 5-year-old son.

Q. I saw the recent question and answer on "American Gothic." I have another question. What is actor Gary Cole doing now? Is he on another series? - J.L., Columbus, Ohio

A. Cole's plate is full these days. He has a new movie coming out called "Simple Plan," with Billy Bob Thornton and Bill Paxton, and a new audiobook of Sandra Brown's "Unspeakable." This summer, he was on stage in Chicago with his wife, Teddi Sidall. Next he's starring as Capt. Matthew Gideon in the "Babylon 5" spinoff series "Crusade," debuting in January on TNT. After that, he's signed to co-star in "Office Space," the first live-action film from Mike Judge ("King of the Hill," "Beavis and Butt-head"). Meanwhile, you can still catch Cole as Sheriff Lucas Buck on the Sci-Fi Channel's "American Gothic" reruns.

Q. Can you tell me who the uncredited voice on "The Wonder Years" is? - J.C. Buffalo, N.Y.

A. Daniel Stern ("City Slickers," "Home Alone") is the voice of the adult Kevin Arnold on the series, currently rerunning Wednesdays on "Nick at Nite." Early next year, Stern will be the voice of "Dil-bert," UPN's new animated series based on the comic strip. Chris Elliott, Kathy Griffin and Larry Miller also are in the voice cast of "Dilbert."

Q. Was Marilu Henner ever on a TV series other than "Taxi" and "Evening Shade?" - L.R., Phoenix, Ariz.

A. The Chicago-born actress has been a regular on only those two series, and both were big hits. She was "Taxi"'s Elaine Nardo from 1978-83, and "Evening Shade"'s Ava Newton from 1990-94. After "Evening Shade" closed down, Henner hosted her own talk show in 1994. This year, Henner starred in the Broadway production of "Chicago" and authored "Marilu Henner's Total Health Makeover."

Q. My husband and I watch reruns of "Northern Exposure" and love Ed and the part he plays. What's he doing now? - C.E., Southampton, N.J.

A. Darren E. Burrows was Northern Exposure's impressionable American Indian filmmaker Ed Chigliak. Burrows is part Cherokee and Apache and the son of character actor Billy Drago. Since "Exposure" left the air, Burrows has continued to pursue his acting career. He appeared in Steven Spielberg's film, "Amistad" (as Lt. Meade) and, last spring, on an episode of the television hit "NYPD Blue."