Police began hunting anew Friday for the bombers of the Planet Hollywood restaurant after releasing a South African Muslim suspect for lack of evidence.

After more than 24 hours of interrogation, police said they failed to turn up anything to link the man to the blast on Tuesday evening that killed one person and injured 27 others."Our investigations have been completed on the allegations that were made, and we have decided to release him," said police spokesman Senior Superintendent John Sterrenberg, who later confirmed the man had been freed.

Two women arrested with the man at Cape Town's airport Thursday were released earlier Friday after charges that they had incorrect travel documents for their flight to Egypt were dropped. There have been no other arrests.

All three, who were arrested after an anonymous tip-off, are members of a mainly Muslim vigilante group, People Against Gangsterism and Drugs, which police suspect is behind a wave of bombings against drug dealers in the city's sprawling slums.

FBI agents are assisting in the investigation into the bombing, which South African officials have linked to last week's U.S. missile strikes on Afghanistan and Sudan.

Meanwhile, South African police were bracing for a demonstration Saturday against the U.S. attacks by a small anti-American, anti-Israeli group, Muslims Against Global Oppression.

The group planned to march past the U.S. Consulate.

Sterrenberg said police would be ready. "I don't want to give details, but we will put out sufficient numbers to deal with the protest," he said.

About 80 people protested Thursday night outside the Cape Town home of Justice Minister Dullah Omar, accusing the police of carrying out a witch hunt against Muslims.