Mama Nature cranked up the heat Saturday to a record high temperature of 96 degrees, less than a week after dipping to tie the record for lowest high temperature of 52 on Monday.

Some unofficial thermometers showed Saturday's temperature above 100.Saturday's high broke the June 4th record high of 94 degrees set in 1957, said Bill Alder, meteorologist in charge for the Salt Lake office of the National Weather Service.

"This is the sort of normal temperature you'd expect in the latter part of July," Alder said.

The last time the temperature on May 30 only reached 52 degrees was in 1937.

Alder said the high temperatures are predicted to continue Sunday and into next week. The heat wave is caused by a strong southerly flow that is also kicking up high winds. Troughs of low pressure along the Rocky Mountains and the West Coast will cause a squeeze play Sunday over Utah, bringing strong winds expected to range from 20 to 60 miles per hour.

A cold front is predicted to push through western Utah Monday evening and the rest of the state Tuesday. The front will bring thunderstorms and cooler temperatures, Alder said, although highs should be back up to 80 degrees by Thursday.

The normal high temperature for June 4 is 79 degrees, he said.