Alta View Hospital-

ABENDROTH, Natalie and Eugene, West Jordan, girl, Aug. 27.

BERTOCH, Rachel and James, Riverton, girl, Aug. 26.

JENSEN, Brenda and Andrew, Riverton, boy, Aug. 18.

JORDAN, Marielle and Troy, Sandy, boy, Aug. 27.

MARYMEE, Sandy and J.D., Sandy, girl, Aug. 28.

NAOCARATO, Tiffany, Riverton, boy, Aug. 26.

SOWA, Kaylle and Mark, Sandy, girl, Aug. 25.

WADE, Kimberly and Joseph, Draper, boy, Aug. 25.

WADE, Rebecca and Chad, Sandy, girl, Aug. 23.

YINGLING, Amy and Eli, Kearns, Aug. 24.

Cottonwood Hospital-

FRAME, Barbara and Jeffery, West Jordan, girl, Aug. 27.

KONE, Stephanie and Jeff, Riverton, boy, Aug. 27.

LONGETEIG, Torrey and BOVEY, Scott, Salt Lake City, Aug. 27.

MEJIA, Chareen and Luisito, Salt Lake City, girl, Aug. 27.

NABROTZKY, Rebecca and Daniel, Provo, boy, Aug. 27.

RAHN, Suzette, Salt Lake City, boy, Aug. 27.

WYNN, Rosilane and William, Salt Lake City, girl, Aug. 27.

Jordan Valley Hospital-

CARRERA, Raylene and Thomas, Midvale, boy, Aug. 26.

KLUNKER, Cammie and Heiko, West Jordan, boy, Aug. 27.

LAMBERT, Melanie and Mark, Sandy, boy, Aug. 26.

MARTINEZ, Margarida and Yamil, South Jordan, girl, Aug. 26.

RANDALL, Debbie and Clark, South Jordan, boy, Aug. 26.

McKay-Dee Hospital-

BOWLES, Stacy and Jerome, Ogden, girl, Aug. 28.

CASSITY, Cristal and Chris, North Ogden, girl, Aug. 27.

CLARK, Niccole and Robert, Roy, boy, Aug. 26.

FOUST, Kim and Bruce F. II, Kaysville, girl, Aug. 27.

FRONK, Melissa and Rhett, Ogden, girl, Aug. 27.

GARCIA, Margarita, Smithfield, boy, Aug. 27.

HARRELL, Christina and Kevin, H.A.F.B., girl, Aug. 27.

MAEZ, Leadelle and Trent, Ogden, boy, Aug. 27.

PLUIM, Margie and Howard, Ogden, boy, Aug. 25.

SPONAUGLE, Kaija and Benjamin, Clearfield, girl, Aug. 26.

WINKLER, Lisa Ann and Toby, Ogden, boy, Aug. 21.

Orem Community Hospital-

BISHOP, Leah and Dusty, Payson, boy, Aug. 22.

CROWTHER, Jennifer and Brad, Orem, girl, Aug. 17.

EVANS, Shannon and Donald, Orem, boy, Aug. 17.

EVERTSEN, Elanie and Gregory, Orem, girl, Aug. 20.

GOULDING, Jessica and David, Provo, girl, Aug 19.

GROVER, Robin and Daniel, Provo, girl, Aug. 17.

JACKLIN, Melissa and Anthony, Mount Pleasant, boy, Aug. 24.

KUNZ, Wendy and Joe, Orem, girl, Aug. 18.

LAYTON, Emily and Maxwell, Provo, boy, Aug. 23.

LOPEZ, Laurel and Lance, Springville, girl, Aug. 19.

MARATH, Lisa and Jason, Orem, boy, Aug. 22.

NIELSON, Cheryl and Cordall, Payson, girl, Aug. 21.

OGDEN, Suzzanne and Mitchell, Provo, girl, Aug. 19.

PEAY, Heather and Russell, Orem, girl, Aug. 23.

PERRY, Jamie and Mark, Orem, girl, Aug. 18.

PITCHER, Carol and David, Orem, boy, Aug. 24.

RANEY, Katrina and Douglas, Orem, girl, Aug. 17.

RICHARDS, Marianne and Samuel, Orem, girl, Aug. 21.

RICHARDSON, Bryan and Shawn, Provo, girl, Aug. 19.

SHANKLIN, Lisa and Alan, Provo, boy, Aug. 23.

STAUFFER, Kristie and Ronald, Orem, boy, Aug. 20.

SWENSEN, Autumn and Phillip, Orem, boy, Aug. 18.

Salt Lake Regional Medical Center-

KUMMER, Darmell and Casey, West Jordan, girl, Aug. 26.

LARRABEE, Tina and Troy, West Jordan, boy, Aug. 25.

NORCROSS, Trisha and Steve, Salt Lake City, girl, Aug. 27.

SCHMIDT, Jolynn and Darren, Salt Lake City, boy, Aug. 26.

SHEMENSKI, Laurie and CLARK, Kirk, Salt Lake City, girl, Aug. 26.

St. Mark's Hospital-

COON, Jill and Adam, West Valley City, girl, Aug. 27.

CURTIS, Kellie and Matthew, Salt Lake City, boy, Aug. 27.

EDMO, Colleen and Damon, Salt Lake City, boy, Aug. 27.

LOERTSCHER, Anna and James, Salt Lake City, girl, Aug. 27.

McMAHON, Jennifer and Gregory, Salt Lake City, boy, Aug. 27.

MIDDLETON, LuAnna and Wesley, Midvale, boy, Aug. 27.

PARTRIDGE, Joyce and Jacob, Murray, girl, Aug. 28.

SOTO, Merrillyn and Carlos, Salt Lake City, boy, Aug. 27.