A teenage boy who claimed earlier this week that he was attacked and bitten by a stray dog has changed his story.

Evan VanBree, 15, told police he actually entered the kennel of a neighbor's golden retriever, where he was bitten.The boy admitted to Kaysville police detective Gary McFarland Thursday he'd lied, after his eyeglasses and some blood stains were discovered earlier that morning inside the neighbor's kennel.

Davis County Animal Control officers had been searching in vain for either a pit bull or Rottweiler, based on the boy's original story, fearing it might attack again.

The teen said he fabricated the story about a stray dog biting him because he feared the dog might be destroyed if he told the truth.

"He's of course very upset. He wanted to save the dog. . . . It snowballed over him," his father, Rudy VanBree, said.

He said his son, who was out jogging near Main Street and Davis High School Sunday night, believed the dog's barking might get it into trouble so he entered the kennel to try to socialize him.

"He did a stupid thing of getting into a dog's cage at night that he didn't know very well," Rudy VanBree said.

He suspects the dog attacked Evan because it had been given a T-bone steak by its owner some 15 minutes before the incident and apparently thought it was protecting its food.

He said his son stuck to his original story to protect the dog, even to the point where the boy underwent the first in a painful series of rabies treatments ordered by authorities after the "stray dog" could not be found and checked for the disease.

"He's extremely embarrassed for the uproar that he's caused," said his mother, Jayln VanBree, who is also an animal control employee. "He's embarrassed for what he's done to the neighborhood, and he wishes he would have come forward with the information in the beginning."

The dog that bit Evan is currently licensed, in good health and is being observed in quarantine. However, no action is expected against the dog, its owner or the boy.

The attack ripped open Evan's nose, pierced his lower lip and broke some of his upper teeth.

"He'll heal OK, thanks to a real good plastic surgeon," Rudy VanBree said.

Rudy VanBree said he's sorry he had to spend some $1,000 for the initial rabies treatment but believes those treatments can now be safely discontinued.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.