Monica Lewinsky and Betty Currie have different recollections about how presidential gifts came to be retrieved from the former White House intern's apartment, according to those familiar with their accounts to prosecutors.

Two sources familiar with Currie's account say President Clinton's secretary told prosecutors she went to the former intern's Watergate apartment and retrieved the gifts at Lewinsky's behest.Lewinsky has told prosecutors, according to sources familiar with her account, that she did not ask Currie to pick up the gifts that Lewinsky had received from Clinton. These sources said Currie showed up at her apartment and indicated she understood she needed to pick up something.

Legal experts say the difference could cloud Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's efforts to determine whether Clinton was behind the gift return as part of a broader effort to obstruct justice and conceal his affair with Lewinsky.

Meanwhile, presidential confidant Bruce Lindsey returned to testify before the grand jury Friday. The Supreme Court earlier denied a White House request to block his testimony while the justices considered Clinton's claim that Lindsey should not have to testify about certain subjects on grounds it would violate the president's right to confidential legal advice.

In a related inquiry, Linda Tripp - under investigation for possible wiretapping violations in Maryland - was told when she bought a recording device a year ago that secretly taping phone conversations in the state was illegal, The (Baltimore) Sun reported Friday. The Sun cited sources familiar with testimony before the grand jury that is investigating Tripp.

Prosecutors are looking into whether Tripp broke Maryland law by taping phone conversations with Lewinsky. Central to that probe is whether Tripp knew she needed Lewinsky's consent to legally record the conversations. The tapes triggered Starr's investigation into Clinton's relationship with Lewinsky.

The Sun reported that Radio-Shack employees have testified that Tripp was told about the wiretapping law when she bought the device, and that it is the store's policy to inform all customers about the law.