An arsonist may be responsible for a string of late-night and early morning fires that have caused thousands of dollars damage in recent weeks.

Since the first part of August, fire and police officials have responded to a number of blazes in this small south Utah County town that they believe have been deliberately set."We believe these are human-caused, and we're conducting an ongoing investigation," said Utah County Fire Marshal Tom Wroe. "We've ruled out that these are accidental."

In addition to grass fires - including one that burned two acres of land - three haystacks, an abandoned home and a old chicken coop that was being used as a storage shed have been burned.

The haystacks are worth more than $50,000. The home, which had gone unlived in for 20 years, "went up like a match box." He wasn't sure whether it was insured. And the items inside the shed were worth about $10,500.

Wroe, who is helping the Utah County Sheriff's Office in the investigation, said there are no suspects, but they do have a "list of people we're concerned about."

Goshen residents have formed a neighborhood watch program to look for suspicious activity in the area.