DON'T LOOK NOW, but the "Chicken Soup" people are at it again. Remember "Chicken Soup for the Soul," volumes one through infinity? There was even a "Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul." Very popular stuff. So far they've sold 30 million copies.

Now the soup-book people are working on another edition, this one titled - I kid you not - "Chicken Soup for the Golfer's Soul." If you have a soulful golf story, they have the place to publish it.The book will cover sportsmanship, overcoming obstacles, breakthroughs, family, special moments, golfer's wisdom and - what else? - a section involving "the 19th hole."

The idea is to make the reader "feel more positive, more connected - and better about life in general."

That being the goal, why would anyone want to play golf in the first place?

Anyway, the book's not a bad idea. Soon you may be able to pick one up in the clubhouse and start feeling better about life even after shooting a 105.

I'm predicting a runaway best seller.

JUDGMENT CALL: Madison Square Garden CEO and president Dave Check-etts recently re-hired disgraced sportscaster Marv Albert, who was fired after pleading guilty to assault and battery. Checketts said he intends to give the longtime announcer a second chance.

But Albert may not want to get in trouble again.

Checketts said MSG "has the right to make moral judgments for business decisions." He went on to say the Knicks unloaded Anthony Mason "because he refused to conduct himself up to our standards. And that was a business decision, too. I think our fans had grown weary of it."

In the case of Albert, it was a first offense. But Checketts made clear it better be his ONLY offense. Quoting the Bible, he told friends and relatives that those without sin should cast the first stone. But he stopped short of invoking the passage about forgiving someone "sev-en-ty times seven."

Added Checketts: "I don't know why he made those mistakes, but if he makes them again, I assume we won't be able to work together."

STAR POWER: It used to be that pop stars like David Cassidy and Peter Frampton got mobbed by star-struck kids. Now it's baseball players.

Seattle Mariner Alex Rodriguez showed up at a Borders bookstore near Seattle last week and a crowd of more than 1,000 came to see him - most of them teenage girls and their parents.

And you thought New Kids on the Block were a mystery.

A report did point out there was one 7-year-old who wasn't impressed - Michelle Silva, who happens to be Rodriguez's niece.

"They're all here to see my uncle," she said. "One girl was crying. Very weird."

True. Then again, people cry over strange things. The girl's parents probably need not worry - unless she cries when she meets Jay Buhner.

GIVE ME AN M!: No team is more careful than BYU to avoid quotes that will incite the opposition. But even the ever-cautious Cougars may have goofed.


BYU publicity officials mailed out a promotional video this summer called "BYU Football - Think Win Win." The idea is to get fans to order season tickets.

The scene is a mock classroom with Dr. LaVell Edwards instructing "Football Fan 101." There are five lessons, explaining to students how to be top-level fans. During one of the lessons, Edwards points toward a list of this year's opponents on the blackboard. As he points to Alabama, the students shout "Win!" They do the same when he points to Arizona State and Washington.

But when he gets to Murray State - the Cougars' fourth opponent - there is a pregnant pause. Then in unison everyone shouts, "Murray State!?"

Somehow you know Murray State is going to get a copy of the videotape for motivational purposes.

And somehow you also know it isn't going to matter.

QUOTEFILE: Making the rounds in Salt Lake this week:

Question: Why would you want to think twice before buying a car from Stockton-to-Malone Honda?

Answer: You'll never see the title.