If this was the 1970s, I probably would have received the infamous "Lynn Lehman Lemon Award" last week.

That's because in last week's Radio Dial, the What-ever Happened To . . .? segment stated that Lehman lives in Southern California. He doesn't. He still resides in Salt Lake City and frequently travels there as co-producer of "Beyond Belief" on Fox."I'm alive and well in Salt Lake," Lehman said Wednesday.

He said he's in Southern California a lot but likes living here.

Lehman did his last morning radio on KCPX on Dec. 5, 1980.

Does he miss radio?

"I do, I miss part of it," he said.

In fact, Lehman is working on a limited return to Salt Lake radio.

He's negotiating with KODJ (FM-94.1) and KMGR (FM-92.1) to do a "Lynn Lehman Remembers" show on one of those two "oldies" stations. He would play a song from his radio heyday and then do some reminiscing.

Lehman said he hopes to be on the air in the near future.

He's not in town enough to know the names of many current Salt Lake DJs, but he feels some shows are too much into shock radio.

"Do we really have to do that?" he asked.

Still, Lehman said he's amazed at how many people he meets today who remember comments he made 26 years ago during a "Lehman Award" presentation.

"The power of radio is incredible," he said.

- RADIO HAPPENINGS - There were two outrageous events in local radio this week. One was Mick Martin of "The Freak Show" on KURR working to "marry" 105 women to set the polygamist record. He was held up in his record attempt by having to sort out child support details for a 6-year-old son he didn't know he had. Mick will marry the women (courtesy of a bogus minister) on Thursday . . .

The second wild event was Tom Barberi on KALL getting welcomed to his new broadcasting studios in West Valley City Wednesday, courtesy of sister rock music station KURR and morning DJs Mick, Allen and Roxy. They sent over what Barberi thought were two polygamist wives to his studio for interviews. However, they turned out to be strippers and unclothed in front of Barberi while he was on the air!

Barbari said he knew something was up because of all the noses pressed against the glass in adjacent studios. "They played the role very well. It was very funny," Barberi said. He also stressed he saw more in his studio than the Movie Buffs jurors saw . . .

It looks as if legendary KCPX newsman Joe Lee is not retired, just semi-retired, based on all the commercials he does . . . Mark Van Wagoner of KDYL does his patriotic "Raise the Flag" segment each weekday morning at 6:40 . . . "Simon and Brady" on KBEE will broadcast live from Disneyland next Monday and Tuesday . . .

"Country Joe" on KSOP did a "Mystery Voices" contest Wednesday and gave Utah State Fair tickets to the winners . . . It was a geography quiz Wednesday on Jimmy Chunga's "Community College" on KENZ . . . Eric filled in for "Todd and Erin" this week on KISN with Scott Fisher. The two DJs are ill . . . Bill Allred of the KXRK "Radio From Hell" show with Kerry and Gina was on vacation this week . . .

"Abby and Wren" on KUMT got a live report on the hurricane on the East Coast Wednesday from a South Carolina resident . . . "The Z-Morning Zoo" on KZHT Wednesday discussed parking regulations for their new studio. "Danger Boy" was also supposed to ride a mechanical bull at a nightclub later this week . . .

KUBL celebrated Leann Rimes' 16th birthday Friday, Aug. 28, with a variety of special events. It baked Utah's largest cake (3 feet thick and nine feet wide) and let listeners "cake dive" to get tickets to her Salt Lake concert. The station also staged a backstage birthday bash for the country music star.