I love to find new ways of doing everything. Cooking is no exception.

When I tried to cook without utensils, I had so much fun experimenting and came up with some of the most unique cooking methods. A novel way to prepare some items of food is to cook them inside of other foods. The outside foods act as natural buffers against the heat while giving the foods inside additional flavor.Cooking Inside an Orange: When cooking inside an orange, use an orange with a thick skin because it s easier to remove the meat from the orange. To prepare the orange, cut it in half and place your fingers between the meat of the orange and the skin. Slide your fingers back and forth to loosen and separate the meat from the skin. A spoon can also be used to remove the meat of the orange.

Eggs, muffins or cakes cook well in the shell of an orange. With cakes and muffins, fill the shell two-thirds full of batter. Place the shell on a square piece of heavy-duty foil, bringing the foil up around the orange and coming together at the top of the orange. Leave enough room for the food to rise in the shell. Place it on the hot coals for 10 minutes or until the food is cooked.

Boiling Water in a Paper Cup: When liquid is heated in a paper cup, the container will not burn. This means water or milk can be heated in an unwaxed paper cup placed in the coals. If the flame touches the top of the cup where there is no liquid, the cup can burn. Eggs can also be hard cooked in this manner. Milk can be heated in its carton if there is no wax on it.

Breakfast in a Paper Bag: One of my wildest ideas is preparing breakfast in a paper bag. I've even taught Johnny Carson to cook eggs and bacon in a paper bag on the "Tonight Show"! It's a fun and easy idea that you must try.

Use a lunch-sized paper bag on the end of a pointed stick to cook your bacon and eggs for breakfast. Cut a strip of bacon in half and cover the bottom of the paper bag with it. Break an egg into the sack over the bacon. Roll the top of the sack halfway down in 1-inch folds and push a stick through the roll at the top of the bag. Hold the bag over the coals. Grease will coat the bottom of the bag as it cooks.

The egg will cook in about 10 minutes. (You can also cook the bacon and eggs by setting the bag on a piece of foil.)

Be careful! If the sack gets too near the coals, it will burn. When the eggs and bacon are done, roll down the sides of the sack and eat your breakfast.