David Cash Jr. hasn't been charged with any crime, but some of his fellow students at the University of California think he should be - and they want him kicked off campus.

Cash, a sophomore at UC-Berkeley, has admitted keeping silent about the murder of a 7-year-old girl at a Nevada casino last year and failing to aid the girl. The suspect, a friend of Cash's, faces trial Monday.Hundreds of demonstrators filled the university's main plaza on Wednesday calling for Cash's expulsion.

"You do not need this guy in your school," Yolanda Manuel, the mother of victim Sherrice Iverson, told the demonstrators. "You do not need him sitting next to you in class."

Protesters also demanded that Nevada prosecutors charge Cash with being an accessory. Prosecutors have said they don't have evidence to file charges, and Nevada does not have a "good Samaritan" law requiring people to report crimes.

Cash, 19, has admitted seeing his friend, Jeremy Strohmeyer, struggling with the little girl in a restroom of the Primadonna Resort, a hotel-casino 40 miles outside of Las Vegas, in May 1997.

Cash says he left before the girl was injured. But he also says Strohmeyer told him later what had happened, and Cash never came forward.

Strohmeyer goes on trial Monday in Las Vegas on charges that he kidnapped, raped and strangled the child, who had been playing in an arcade at the hotel.

UC-Berkeley Chancellor Robert M. Berdahl said he sympathized with Manuel and her family, was outraged by the slaying and believed citizens have a moral responsibility to report crimes.