A ton of cereal that was recalled in June after nearly 200 people contracted salmonella was stolen from a garbage bin at the Malt-O-Meal cereal warehouse earlier this week.

The 120 cases - as many as 2,000 bags - of Toasty O's were recalled as a precautionary measure in June after the Centers for Disease Control linked the cereal to a salmonella outbreak.Kyle Stephens of the Utah Department of Agriculture told KSL-TV that the department is concerned because it could be that the thieves were looking to make a profit.

"They had to be looking at the situation, had to have been kind of an orchestrated effort to remove that much product from a Dumpster," Stephens said. "We're primarily concerned about this product being sold on the corner of a street, a good offer being made, going to flea market, going to a salvage store."

State regulators say the cereal is most likely safe, but warns that people should only buy cereal from a reputable dealer.

Company officials say the Malt-O-Meal cereal being sold in grocery stores is safe to eat.