The crosswalk connecting many South Salt Lake residents to Ream's supermarket at 2800 S. State boasts a dubious honor.

Several months ago, the Utah Department of Transportation identified the site as the area with the state's greatest need for pedestrian safety improvements. Two children were killed there last fall after being hit by a car.On Wednesday, several residents told city leaders it's time to alleviate the hazard.

"This has gone on too long, and nothing has happened," said Debbie Ashman.

Ashman and others belonging to a civic group called the Youth Empowerment Group asked Mayor Randy Fitts and the City Council to help build a skywalk at 2820 S. State.

Some admitted they were frustrated that safety improvements haven't been made since 14-year-old Sharrie "Shay" Young and Robbie Knowlden, 11, died after being hit last September.

Following the presentation, the council asked Fitts and his staff to study skywalk design options now being drafted by UDOT for future discussion.

Fitts emphasized that he has nothing against the skywalk, saying the city simply needs time to find an option that would best serve the entire community.

Building a skywalk, Fitts said, would likely mean that some neighboring businesses would have to be condemned and eventually relocate.

During a Tuesday rally, Bryon Singer, who manages Charlie's Club at 2827 S. State, said he welcomes a skywalk.

"I have no negative concerns about the project," Singer said.

UDOT needs some sort of skywalk commitment from the city in the next few weeks to be eligible for federal funds that would pay about 80 percent of the construction costs, said UDOT representative Tracy Condie.

Condie added funds would likely be available later because of the site's high priority, but skywalk construction would be delayed.

The skywalk is expected to cost between $600,000 to $1 million.