In an effort to protect children, hikers and bikers on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, the City Council is limiting access points between the trail and city roads.

The council last week unanimously approved an amendment reflecting its trail-access decision to the master plan.The intent, said Councilman Kay Briggs, is to keep the trail safe and peaceful for those using it.

"We want to make sure that people are not backing across the trail," he said. "We don't want them hurting some child on a bicycle."

Any access that might be approved should have a way for vehicles to turn around and also provide a clear view of the trail to prevent such accidents.

The limitations are a result of a multicounty effort to develop the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. North Salt Lake's portion will eventually connect into the Salt Lake City and Bountiful portions of the trail.

Rapid development around the current location of the trail prompted the restrictions, which also include landscaping regulations.

In most cases, landscaping should be done with the natural vegetation along the trail, the amendment states.

Briggs emphasized this point, citing the portion of the trail that traverses through the Eaglewood Golf Course.

"That's beautiful," he said. "We should have it like that the entire way."

Other council members at the Aug. 18 meeting agreed, although they doubted how important some of the natural vegetation was to the trail.

"Where it has trees, that's nice," said Councilman Stan Porter. "But some of it is just prairie grass."I

don't know if that needs to be kept."