The game plan for Orem's Lakeside Recreational Sports Complex - featuring 18 holes for golfing and a five-diamond baseball area - is moving along.

The project passed muster in front of Orem's Planning Commission last week.The sports complex must now get similar approval from Vineyard's city officials since a portion of the 200 acres is within Vineyard city limits.

The complex retains most of the features promised to residents when Orem officials traded properties with a management firm known as EsNet Corporation to obtain the acreage in the southwest part of town.

The golf course and the baseball fields share space with 54 acres of wetlands, a trailhead for the Bonneville Lakeshore Trail, a course clubhouse, restrooms and parking.

The soccer fields originally promised have had to be deleted from the plans, said Assistant City Manager John Park. Orem will still need to build more soccer fields, particularly as the city cemetery expands and if shared facilities such as those operated in conjunction with Intermountain Health Care become inaccessible.

Working around the wetlands has created some challenges, he said. "Wetlands is a big issue, but we believe it is something we can work out. We look at them as an asset."

The actual construction will affect only about 8 acres of wetlands, he said, and those acres will be exchanged as part of a mitigation plan being worked out with the Army Corps of Engineers.

In addition, a flower known as the Utah orchid that grows in the area, needs to be protected as well, Park said.

Orem's plans for the complex call for 1000 South to serve as the single and main access to the recreational facility. Homeowners in the nearby Springwater Park subdivision have asked the city to avoid funneling traffic through their neighborhood. So the road from the subdivision will be gated off with some type of decorative fencing, Park said.

Eventually, another access may be opened up into Vineyard, but that depends on road development in that city, he said.