Mr. President, if you truly believe that it is time to drop the investigation by Kenneth Starr and to move on, then you should resign. If you do resign, then the country can move on. If you do not, then Mr. Starr will finish the investigation. That is his job. Congress will debate Mr. Starr's report for months. Congress probably will not impeach you. However, you should resign. Three more reasons to resign: If a military officer were caught with same behavior as you, they would be court marshaled. The youth of America need a better role model. Your presidency is over.

You have lost the trust of Congress, many world leaders, and the many American citizens. Without the trust of others, you will not be able to accomplish much of anything. Mr. President, it is over. It is time to show the country that moral values and integrity do matter. Mr. President, it's time to resign. Only you can put this distraction to rest.Berton Lee Stephens

North Salt Lake