The $30 million, yearlong renovation of Little America Hotel & Towers has been completed and will be unveiled Thursday.

Some 400 corporate clients have been invited to a luncheon that day in the grand ballroom of the facility at 500 South Main.Spokeswoman Stephanie Jones said the lobby and all of the tower guest rooms were renovated in the project that began a year ago. It was the first major remodeling of the 21-year-old tower, built in 1977.

The original two-story garden rooms had been renovated earlier, said Jones. Those units go back to the days when the Hot Shoppe occupied the site in the 1950s and '60s.

Across Main Street from the renovated facility, construction continues on a major addition to the hotel, a second tower of guest rooms. Jones said no opening date has been set but it's scheduled for completion in 2000.