Utah House and Senate leaders have decided to give slightly higher pay raises to their three top staffers and contribute $27,000 to the retirement fund of retiring fiscal analyst Leo Memmott.

In July, GOP and Democratic leaders decided to give pay raises of 2.75 percent to Memmott and Auditor General Wayne Welsh and director of research and general council Richard Strong.But upon further consideration last week, leaders decided to increase those pay raises to 3.5 percent - the same given to top bosses in the executive branch of government, said House Majority Whip Kevin Garn, R-Layton.

Those raises are retroactive to July 1.

In addition, said Garn, it was learned that for the past five years or so Memmott - who retires Monday as the Legislature's top budget officer after more than 30 years of service - didn't get any overtime pay.

Strong did get overtime pay. And so leaders decided that to make up for that oversight $27,000 would be donated to Memmott's 401 retirement account.