Salt Lake Mayor Deedee Corradini is again a homeowner.

After having experienced significant and very public problems with houses in relation to the Bonneville Pacific and Giftgate affairs, and after spending about a year in a rented condominium, last month Corradini bought a 16-room, 4,900-square-foot house in the upper Avenues, according to documents filed in the Salt Lake County recorder's office.The purchase price was not disclosed, but the home's assessed value is $417,800 - standard for that area. Cor-radini took out a $297,800 mortgage to buy the home, meaning that if the loan were 80 percent of the purchase price, she provided a down payment of some $75,000.

The mayor says she did not receive any personal gifts or loans from anyone enabling her to purchase the house and that no one co-signed or guaranteed the bank loan, a conventional mortgage.

Corradini currently draws an annual salary of $84,778.

The mayor's private residence played a significant role in the Bonneville Pacific bankruptcy and Giftgate matters that brought her under heavy legal fire and for which she was roundly criticized, though she was not charged with criminal wrongdoing in either case.

Corradini bought a three-story (including basement) brick-and-stucco house with eight bedrooms. The family she bought it from had eight children.