Land that once had the possibility of bearing signs reading "For Skaters" will soon have signs announcing "For Sale."

In a move to spruce up the city and put a little extra cash into the city coffers, the City Council last Tuesday approved the release of a request for proposals (RFP) from those interested in buying and developing the former Bountiful Salvage Yard, 850 W. 1500 South. The city currently owns the property.Although the city has vague ideas of what it would like to see, City Manager Gary Uresk said the RFP will leave plenty of room for creativity. "We want to see something really unique for the community go there," he said.

What that means is that a simple subdivision or office complex would probably not get accepted unless it proves to be sufficiently creative. In fact, just about anything could be proposed, ranging from a commercial development to a recreational facility.

Along with creativity, any proposal that works with neighboring properties to incorporate the projects together would get bonus points, Uresk said.

Putting the land up for sale could be the final blow to a teen park, which was the city's initial idea for the land. That park would have included a skateboard park, basketball and volleyball courts, and a picnic area.

The teen park proposal actually suffered its most devastating blow back in June, however, when the council shuffled it to the bottom of its parks and recreation priority list.

"I think the skateboard park was nixed when the council postponed it," Uresk said, noting that the council chose to spend its money on current facilities. "We need to look at improving our existing parks."

The council will officially approve the final draft of the RFP at its next scheduled meeting on Sept. 1.

"I pray that we get some creative ideas," Councilwoman Lise Tuttle said.