A former flight instructor who allegedly befriended single mothers to get at their children has pleaded guilty to 10 child molestation charges.

Troy Lee Lincoln, 32, is to be sentenced by Judge Michael Glasmann on Sept. 30. He formerly was chief flight instructor for U.S. Aviation Inc., a flight school based at Ogden Hinckley Airport.The Ogden man initially was charged with four first-degree felony charges of aggravated sexual abuse of a child and eight class A misdemeanor counts of lewdness involving a child.

In a plea bargain, Lincoln pleaded guilty to four reduced counts of second-degree felony child sexual abuse and pleaded guilty to six of the lewdness charges.

The mother of four of the eight victims, ages 7 through 11, two boys and two girls, said Lincoln found his victims by befriending single mothers and offering to baby-sit or take their children shopping, camping and on other activities.