Directions - Take I-15 to Beaver, then head west on U-21 for about 15 miles. Reservoir north of highway and offers easy, year-round access.

Description - This is a large, lower elevation reservoir that is long and narrow. Some trees around shore, but mostly open with patches of grasses and sagebrush. One of the first reservoirs to ice-off in the spring, which is a good time to fish. Best fishing in the spring and fall. Fish stressed in the summer because of warm water and low oxygen level.

Fish - Rainbow, Cutthroat, Smallmouth Bass

What works: Under new management plan, fishermen can use only artificial lures and flies. Try spinners, such as Mepps, Vibrax or Panter Martins from shore, or lures such as Dare Devles, Krocodiles, or Jake's Spin-A-Lure. Trollers should try needle fish, triple teasers or flat fish. Good fly patterns would be Woolly Buggers or leeches in blacks, browns, greens or purples. Small nymphs such as Pheasant Tail or Prince work well in spring and fall when fished slowly and close to shore. Jigs work best in black, white or sparkle colors.

Details: This reservoir managed as a trophy water, which means the limit is only one fish and it must be larger than 20 inches. After spring ice-off, fish rocky shorelines on highway side with Woolly Buggers or leech patterns on slow sinking fly line or try small nymphs on floating line. Also try fly and partially-full bubble by state park. Also a good time to fish plastic or marabou jigs or lures from shore. During the summer is a good time to fish for bass. For trout try Beaver River inlet or fish deep around dam with lead-core line or downrigger. In the fall fish along shoreline with same lures as in the spring, moving shallower as water cools.

Notes: Nice state park near southwestern end of reservoir. Because of warm water, catch and release fish quickly. Close to town of Beaver for food, fuel and accommodations.