Construction on a road bordering Highland High School will be partly paved to give dual access to the school parking lot by the time classes begin Aug. 31.

But the underground storm-drain replacement project on 1700 East near 2100 South will not be fully completed until the week after school starts, said Chuck Call, chief engineer for Salt Lake City Public Utilities.

With 1700 East under construction, there has been only one open entrance, located on 2100 South, to the school parking. Parents have worried about potential safety hazards and a traffic nightmare when school starts next Monday if the 1700 East entrances remained blocked.

Last week, during student registration, vehicles were spotted entering the parking lot through the wide curb cut on the corner of 2100 South and 1700 East. The curb cut is intended for wheelchair access to the sidewalk.

The Salt Lake City School District is installing pipelike barricades where the sidewalk meets the parking lot to prevent further access and confusion.