Excuse me for saying that I'm sick and tired of everybody saying that it's OK to desecrate our flag. Have some respect, some loyalty. It makes me sick to see our flag being burned, spit upon, etc.

I don't care if you and your extended family were veterans. Why does that matter? Our flag is not another ordinary piece of cloth. Yes, the Constitution is the heart of our country, but it's our flag that represents it.Flag desecration is a direct, disgusting and offensive insult to everything that this country represents and stands for. Keith Hamblin said he has never desecrated the flag and never will, unless it becomes illegal to do so. What? Excuse me if I don't get it.

Flag desecration is not freedom of speech but an act of conduct. Study the Constitution. David Buck was exactly right when he said, "It isn't the quantity of citizens but the quality of citizenship exemplified by all. That is what made our country great." I have deep respect for this flag.

If you think desecrating the flag is OK, why don't you move to Iraq and join Saddam Hussein's wonderful regime?

James Hawkins