An appellate judge on Thursday denied bail for the mother and son suspected in the disappearance of a Manhattan millionaire.

Sante and Kenneth Kimes were arrested in New York July 5 on an unrelated state warrant out of Utah on a bad check charge. They have also been denied bail in that case.Attorneys for the two had asked Associate Justice David Saxe to overrule two State Supreme Court judges rulings denying bail for the pair in a credit card fraud case.

Saxe refused to do so and cited the same reasons as the other two judges in denying bail - the Kimeses have no ties to the community and no history of employment.

The Kimeses were indicted July 31 on charges they obtained a credit card in the name of a Florida man and used it several times in June for drinks, dinner and shopping in New York. They are also the top suspects in the July 5 disappearance of 82-year-old Irene Silverman, but no charges have been filed against them in that case yet.

Saxe also said he denied bail because when the pair was arrested, they had items belonging to Silverman.