The City Council has granted approval for a liquor license to a new restaurant, despite its close proximity to North Layton Junior High School, because it will only be open for business in the late afternoon after students have gone home.

The TimberLodge Steak House, 1977 N. 1200 West, received the license and a variance to city and state ordinances Thursday night. The restaurant, formerly JB's, is more than 200 feet away from the school in direct distance, but is less than the usually required 600-foot walking distance for a liquor license."There shouldn't be any conflict (with school hours)," Layton Community Development Director Scott Carter said, explaining it will not open for business on weekdays until 4 p.m.

He agreed that the city had set the precedent on such exceptions to the 600-foot ordinance with approvals on a liquor license for the former Camelot Restaurant on the other side of the school and its subsequent reincarnations.

Mayor Jerry Stevenson said he was not aware of any past problems with Camelot serving alcohol so close to the junior high school. In fact, he believes the convenience store across the street from the school is more of a threat to students.

Councilwoman Debra Ledkins made a stipulation in the license approval that the city be notified if the restaurant's weekday hours ever change.

The TimberLodge is currently remodeling and will open on Sept. 3.