A house fire forced a family of 11 out of their home Saturday morning after flames ripped through the attic.

Kaysville Fire Chief Brett Larkin said the fire was started by a halogen lamp that was left on in the attic of the house at 872 Oxford Drive (1070 East).Fire crews responded at 10:58 a.m. and found the upper part of the house and garage engulfed in flames.

"The family was apparently in the attic looking through some things with the light on," Larkin said. "When they left the attic, they said they forgot to turn the light off. After a while, someone smelled smoke coming from the attic and called us."

Larkin said the house sustained major damage to the electrical system of the attic and garage, with an estimated loss of almost $35,000. The house is estimated to be worth about $170,000, Larkin said.

"There was too much damage inside the house . . . to have the family stay in the house," Larkin said.