Police and intelligence agents raided several alleged terrorist safe houses and arrested 10 foreign nationals, including some from Arab countries, sources said Saturday.

The raids Friday night followed reports that Albanian intelligence agents and the CIA had launched a nationwide manhunt for suspects involved in terror attacks in Egypt, including the November 1997 massacre of 62 people in Luxor.During the sweep, authorities found bulletproof vests, fake passports, maps, radio transmitters and electronic devices, a police source said on condition of anonymity.

The same source said the 10 were citizens of Arab countries, but another source later said the detainees also included citizens of non-Arab countries.

The state news agency ATA also reported the arrests of 10 foreign citizens Friday but did not give their nationalities or other details.

By Saturday evening, police appeared to be everywhere in Tirana, the Albanian capital. There was no official explanation for the large turnout.

Earlier this summer, five suspects believed to be Egyptian nationals reportedly were arrested and spirited out of the country with the help of American agents.

Last Sunday, 120 heavily armed U.S. Marines tightened security at the American diplomatic compound here after U.S. officials said they received credible evidence of a plan to attack the U.S. mission.

Security at the U.S. Embassy was stepped up further on Friday following U.S. missile attacks on alleged terrorist sites in Sudan and Afghanistan.