William Jefferson Clinton has a character dysfunction. He is a sexual predator.

Regardless of the humiliation and embarrassment to the family, a sexual predator will act this way his entire life. He is actually supported in this behavior because he acts as if he is a supporter of women, when in reality he is a user of women. Repeating familiar patterns of behavior, the predator surrounds himself with a complicated network of women: emotionally weak women to satisfy easy desires, strong women to compete with and to make alliances with for protection.The strong, self-reliant women are duped into helping by flattery and praise. He makes statements like, "Oh, you're so smart and capable. I really admire you." The predator needs the strong women for alliance. With them around the predator maintains an appearance of normalcy in the face of raised eyebrows. In this case, strong, capable women appointed to his Cabinet. "Look how progressive I am."

But what the predator is doing is not normal, and when he has sufficiently used up the women in his current cycle, he moves on to a new hunting ground. He may move to a new place where his reputation is unknown. He may drop all his associates and start fresh. Many times he does this by buying friendships with gifts and promises, preying on those in financial need. Does this sound familiar?

After Clinton's address to the nation, many people interviewed thought that he did a good job of apologizing and was correct in asking to now move on. Clinton seemed more upset at his hand being forced. He did not seem sorry for his inappropriate behavior. Predators get very angry when they get caught and always look for someone to blame and to punish.

Hillary and Chelsea, you are wimps for allowing him to continue to disrupt your lives. Give him the biggest wake up call of his life and demand he admit to this dysfunction and seek professional help. Set the example for women everywhere. Help end this cycle of abuse to women and children.

Susan Espenschied

Salt Lake City