When the clock strikes midnight on Jan. 1, 2000, any power outages that occur likely will be no more serious than those often experienced during storms, a PacifiCorp official said.

Richard Walje, PacifiCorp vice president of electric operations, told the Utah Information Technology Commission Thursday that PacifiCorp, which serves Utah and six other states, will spend up to $30 million to achieve Year 2000 compliance.But PacifiCorp also is making contingency plans to deliver power to customers if something is overlooked, or if vendors or partners in the delivery of electricity fail to do their part, Walje said.

"We feel pretty good about our status. We're not anticipating significant power outages or disruptions of service," he said.

Questar Corp. project manager Grant Whitesides said the gas company also is developing plans to enable it to serve customers if an unexpected problem arises.

Questar, which has 650,000 customers in Utah, Wyoming and Colorado, is confident its own Year 2000 preparedness effort has been thorough, Whitesides said, but, like PacifiCorp, it worries about the readiness of partners.

"One challenge is that we compete (with other natural-gas providers), and there's a reluctance for them to help us and for us to help them," he said.