With the blessing of several leading Utah lawmakers, a Cedar Hills councilman and a former GOP congressional candidate are holding a daylong seminar on the U.S. Constitution this weekend.

Ken Cromar, the councilman, says about 120 people have signed up so far for the seminar, which will be Saturday in the State Office Building auditorium behind the Capitol Building.A letter inviting interested people to attend is signed by House Speaker Mel Brown and Senate President Lane Beattie, both Republicans; Sen. Joe Hull, D-Hooper; and Rep. Brent Goodfellow, D-West Valley.

Cromar said the idea came from conversations between himself and former GOP Congressional and legislative candidate Joe Furgeson.

Noted constitutional expert Earl Taylor Jr., president of the National Center for Constitutional Studies in Washington, D.C., will be the main speaker. Also speaking will be Hartman Rector Jr., emeritus LDS Church official, BYU law professor Richard Wilkins and local constitutional writer Cleon Skousen.

Skousen's constitutional workbook, "The Making of America," will be used during the session.

Cromar says the $20 registration fee, a $7.50 workbook fee and lunch fees are aimed at covering the cost of the event. "We, of course, had to pay for Mr. Taylor's air fare, and he also charges a $300 speaking fee," said Cromar.

"This is really nonprofit. We've never done anything like this before. Joe and I hope to break even. If we get a little more, we plan to use that to hold future seminars, maybe the next one in Utah County," Cromar said.

Besides the speakers, the Goodman Family (mother, father and a number of children) will sing during the lunch break, Cromar said.

"We wanted to have a nonpartisan kind of seminar. One thing I think we can all agree on is how important it is to understand the Constitution, not just feel comfortable with it, but to have a working knowl-edge as well."

Cromar said he sent out 3,700 letters to GOP and Democratic party delegates in Salt Lake County and parts of Davis and Utah counties "before we ran out of money and had to stop mailing."

About 190 people can attend the seminar, so some seats are still available, Cromar said Thursday afternoon. Those who are interested can call him at 1-801-785-5900.

Tickets can be purchased at the door. The seminar starts at 8 a.m.