David Kaczynski got a $1 million government reward Thursday for turning in his older brother, Theodore, as the Unabomber. He plans to give most of the money to families victimized by his brother's 16 bombings.

The FBI check for $1 million was turned over to David's attorney, Justice Department spokesman John Russell said Thursday.In 16 attacks from 1978 through 1995, the Unabomber killed three men and injured 29 other people.

"There's no question the money could never compensate for the loss of a loved one," David Kaczynski, 47, a social worker, said in an interview from his job at a youth shelter in Albany, N.Y.

"Our family feels it might help us resolve our grief over what happened."

In San Francisco, meanwhile, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Kaczynski's psychiatric report should be released so the public can better understand his motivations.

The court of Appeals rejected arguments by his lawyer that unsealing the report would violate his right to privacy. The report remains sealed pending an appeal.

Public defender Quin Denvir said disclosure of such reports might make future clients reluctant to cooperate with mental examinations.