PCP Berzerker is perhaps Salt Lake's only band with a true cult following. Since its inception in '95, this talented group of musicians has hypnotized fans with its beyond inventive material and highly physical performances.

First of all, we have to clear up one major issue. The band did not get its name from the independent film "Clerks." PCP Berzerker is actually a title for a movie written by Eric Hunter to showcase the late Chris Farley's shining talent . . . insanity.Last January we were privileged enough to attend PCP Berzerker's farewell performance.

Despite the fact that it was at Spanky's, our most frequently dissed bar, the show was one of our all-time favorites. Why, you may ask? How many gothic glam rock shows have you been to?

Complete with lasers, disco balls, strobe lights and a fog machine, PCP Berzerker has something to offer that all other Salt Lake Bands are missing . . . GUTS and a SENSE OF HUMOR!

With songs like "Chicano Robot," the band captivated its rabid fans.

L: Of course, anyone who hangs out at Spanky's has to be rabid.

Why are we talking about a show that happened in January? Well, much like stiletto heels, PCP Berzerker is coming back. Of course, the band's return is much easier to understand. PCP will be at the Holy Cow Wednesday, Aug. 26. What better place to rejoice in their second coming?

However, PCP will not return in its original incarnation. Several band members have been replaced, and new music has been added to the lineup. According to Eric, "We have hundreds of new songs and a better light show." Hundreds? Wednesday is going to be really good.

The new PCP consists of the following chemical ingredients: Eric Hunter, vocals (of course), Rod Bailey, lead guitar; Dave McClellan, guitar; Dave Briggs, base; Derek Briggs, drums; Bryan Carr, keyboards.

PCP promises that this show will live up to its legendary performances, but what the members are concerned about right now is figuring out their physical space. "We've been working out for at least a month to prepare. We're like the Marines."

Don't worry, even without the lasers and smoke screens, the lead singer himself is enough to make anyone stop, drop and drool. Bald, tall and shamelessly, um, OK, we're just going to say it, sexy, Eric Hunter has the makings of a rock star.

J: Yes, there is definitely a draw to Eric.