A nurse's aide accused of bringing the wrong infant to a mother at Lowell General Hospital is being investigated in a second case.

Kathleen Griffin of Lawrence said she was given the wrong baby but didn't go public until reading about a similar incident that happened two days later.Griffin said the aide failed to check the infant's identification bracelet. The aide realized the error after Griffin pointed out that the baby had more hair than her child, the mother said.

"We are particularly concerned because we believe this is the same nurse's aide," hospital spokeswoman Marcia Cassidy said.

On Sunday, the aide - who has been suspended - woke a Billerica woman and gave her the wrong baby to nurse. When the feeding was done, the mother went to change the diaper and discovered that the baby she thought was her son was really a girl. That mother was not identified.

The mistakes came about a month after a Virginia woman discovered her daughter had apparently been switched at birth three years ago with another girl born at the University of Virginia Medical Center.