PHNOM PENH - Cambodian authorities said on Friday an attack outside the interior ministry in which a man was killed was aimed at security men, not opposition politician Sam Rainsy, who was in the ministry at the time.


MEXICO CITY - Mexican anti-narcotics police confiscated more than 1,335 pounds of cocaine Thursday when they intercepted two drug shipments on incoming flights from Colombia, officials said.

MEXICO CITY - A fire probably caused by faulty electrical wiring in a furniture warehouse engulfed an entire city block in Mexico City Thursday, but city officials said there were no fatalities.


LIMA - A ruling by Peru's election board has crushed opposition efforts to hold a national referendum on whether President Alberto Fujimori should be a=llowed to run for a third term, a legislator said on Thursday.


BONN - Five people were killed and many more seriously injured in a fire in a German apartment building in the southwestern German town of Altshausen near Ravensburg on Friday, police said.


KATHMANDU - A small aircraft carrying 15 passengers and three crew members went missing on Friday in western Nepal, an airport official said.


BANGKOK - Thailand called on Friday for dialogue between Myanmar's military government and the opposition, saying it offered moral support to both sides.


ULAN BATOR - Chances of resolving Mongolia's political deadlock receded on Friday after the ruling coalition brushed aside the president's candidate for prime minister to reaffirm its own choice.

South Korea

SEOUL - North Korea has turned down a South Korean proposal for dialogue by repeating unacceptable demands, government officials said Friday.


MOSCOW - Russia's prime minister defended the devaluation of the ruble before a hostile parliament Friday as opposition Communists and other hard-liners reiterated calls for the government's ouster.


BRISBANE - A U.S. Marine pilot was killed when his FA-18 Hornet jet fighter crashed during a military exercise in Australia's Northern Territory, officials said Friday.


LUANDA - Angola poured troops into its northern Cabinda enclave on Friday and a witness said he saw them moving toward the border with rebel-held territory in Laurent Kabila's Democratic Republic of the Congo.


RIGA - Prosecutors on Friday indicted a former Soviet partisan for his alleged role in ordering an execution of civilians during World War II when Latvia was occupied by German forces.


DHAKA - Bangladesh on Friday wearily settled in for a long battle with floods that have so far killed more than 360 people. Prime Minister Sheik Hasina advised survivors to learn to live with such disasters.


ALGIERS - Two bombs exploded on public beaches in western Algeria on Friday, killing two people and injuring two, government security forces said.