An ousted city commissioner received the maximum jail sentence for his part in a voting fraud conspiracy that swung the mayoral election.

"You tried to mask the stench of a corrupt election by creating an even greater stink," Circuit Judge Roberto Pineiro told former commissioner Humberto Hernandez on Wednesday. He called the 364-day jail sentence "the only appropriate punishment for a crime such as this that strikes at the heart of our society."Hernandez, 36, was accused of covering up an illegal absentee vote by a City Hall secretary.

He was suspended when the fraud charges were filed in May. Gov. Lawton Chiles removed him Monday based on his misdemeanor conviction last week for being an accessory after the fact.

Tainted absentee ballots, primarily from Hernandez's district, swung the mayor's race last November.

Citing fraud, a state appeals court threw out the election of Hernandez ally Xavier Suarez and reinstated Joe Carollo as mayor.