A woman who was arrested last week for investigation of abandoning her deceased baby in a canyon park will be released from the Utah County Jail long enough to attend the baby's funeral Friday.

Darcie Jo Baum, 25, Orem, appeared before 4th District Judge Ray M. Harding Sr. Thursday morning to request permission to go to the funeral in Pleasant Grove. Baum is being held at the Utah County Jail on $50,000 bail, although no charges have been filed against her in connection with the baby's death or abandonment."My baby's funeral is tomorrow at 11 o'clock," Baum told the judge. "Is there any way I could be released for 24 hours?"

Baum's court-appointed attorney, Randy Spencer, told Harding that the woman's mother could pick her up at the jail in Spanish Fork, take her to the baby girl's funeral and return her to the jail.

But Deputy Utah County Attorney Curtis Larson objected, saying that Baum hadn't exhibited much concern for the child when she allegedly left it along with a quilt at Old Highland Park near the mouth of American Fork Canyon sometime in late July or early August.

Harding ruled that Baum could attend the funeral, although he ordered that she be accompanied at all times by deputies from the Utah County Sheriff's Office. He also told Baum that she would have to reimburse the county for the cost of transporting her to the funeral.

Police say they don't believe anyone other than Baum was involved in disposing of the infant's body. Baum was booked into jail Friday for investigation of desecration of a human body, although investigators say they haven't ruled out the possibility of filing a murder charge.

"We're investigating this case as a homicide," Larson said.

Family members and friends who attended the hearing Thursday declined to answer questions, although one woman said that media reports claiming Baum killed her child are inaccurate.

"She's not a murderer," the woman said.

Baum's felony first appearance was continued to Aug. 27 at the request of Larson, who said prosecutors have yet to receive police reports about the incident.