Is there no one to challenge the order by 3rd District Judge Robert Hilder that "The county attorney is legal adviser to the county, to the board of county commissioners and to each individual commissioner" when he or she is acting in an official capacity? Is there no one to point out that Judge Hilder is "practicing" management without a license? Is there no one to point out that he is "practicing" government without a conscience? Must we take lying down every ruling by the courts on whatever topic they choose to speak of?

I submit that the ruling by Judge Hilder substitutes the theory of a strong executive with multiple advisers and assistants for the original theory of governance by multiple functional specialists, each responsible to the entire electorate and each with a sovereign constituency. Shame on Judge Hilder. And shame on Jay Evensen for being taken in by a modern corruption of an ancient theory of balance and fairness and freedom in government.Long before the separation of powers into the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government, there was the king and the church, the church and the king. The people have always sensed the need for checks and balances to keep the government "off their backs."

If you buy Judge Hilder's theory of a strong county executive assisted by the county attorney, then you should follow through with a recognition that all of the county officers are mere assistants to the strongest county commissioner, whomever that might be.

Doug Short? Who is Doug Short?

Charles Faux

Salt Lake City