Television watchers here could be serviced by giant Tele-Communications Inc. rather than Insight Cablevision by as early as October.

The City Council gave its permission Tuesday for the two cable companies to swap service areas. The city would have needed specific reasons to decline the swap, City Attorney Jim Brady said. Insight is trading Mapleton for a service area in Indiana, said Leslie White, Insight Marketing director. TCI is Utah's largest cable provider.Brady said he knew of no immediate plans for TCI to increase the fee cable customers pay for the service.

Councilman Brian Lambert said he just wanted to make sure Insight was providing the service it contracted to do before the transfer took place.

The city holds the cable TV franchise until 2002, and the city has first right of refusal if it wants to buy and run the cable service itself.

AT&T Corp. recently purchased TCI in a $48 billion deal that is not yet complete.