Try to guess who said the following two quotes:

"Every time [he] talks about trust it makes chills run up and down my spine. The very idea that that word trust could ever come out of his mouth after what he has done to this country and the way he has trampled the truth is a travesty for the American political system.""There is no such thing as truth when it comes to him. He just says whatever sounds good and worries about it after the election."

Both of these statements were spoken by presidential candidate Bill Clinton on Oct. 28, 1992, about President George Bush.

Clinton was wrong about Bush, but he described himself perfectly. Because he finally got caught, Clinton has now admitted what everyone has known for seven months: that he looked the American people in the eye, wagged his finger at us and lied that he had not had inappropriate relations with Monica Lewinsky.

What he refuses to admit is that he perjured himself in the Jones deposition. That he obstructed justice by having Ms. Lewinsky return the gifts he had given her so they couldn't be subpoenaed. That he has sold out our foreign policy in exchange for campaign contributions from the Chinese government. That he obstructed Ken Starr's investigation by buying Webb Hubbell's silence with hush money. That he had knowledge of the illegal searching of hundreds of FBI files. That he illegally profited from fraudulent loans in the Whitewater scheme. The list goes on and on.

Bill Clinton has personally done more damage to the office of the presidency than anyone in the history of our country. The Constitution wisely provides for impeachment of the president for precisely these circumstances. I call upon our fine congressmen, Chris Cannon, Merrill Cook, and Jim Hansen, to take upon themselves the responsibility and leadership to do their constitutional duty and begin the process of removing this national disgrace from the Oval Office.

Michael Taylor

Salt Lake City