The grandparents raising a 3-year-old girl who was switched at birth want to adopt her.

Genetic tests show that Rebecca Chittum is the biological daughter of Paula Johnson, who discovered last month the child she has been raising, Callie Johnson, was switched with Rebecca in the University of Virginia Medical Center.Callie's biological parents are believed to be Whitney Rogers, 19, and Kevin Chittum, 25, who died July 4 in a car crash. DNA test results are expected this week.

Rebecca has been living with her grandparents since her parents were killed. Until Tuesday, Rogers' family had held out hope that tests would show Rebecca was biologically related to them.

Now Rogers' parents, Tommy and Brenda Rogers, want to adopt her, their lawyer said Tuesday.

"The goal is to place in stone the legal status of these children, and we need Rebecca's biological father or mother's consent for that," said the lawyer, W.T. Robey.

The Chittum family lawyer, Michael S. Irvine, said he didn't know of any specific plans for the Rogers family to adopt Rebecca. But he said adopting Rebecca would be a logical step for the two sets of grandparents to take together.