I believe President Clinton is truly sorry. I believe he is truly sorry he got caught. However heartfelt his apology to the nation was about his improper relationship with Monica Lewinsky, he negated it by trying to shift the blame to Kenneth Starr's investigation. This leads me to believe that Clinton would have continued to lie to and deceive the American people had he not been forced to tell the truth; and even though he put on a good show of eating a slice of humble pie, the fact remains that $40 million or so of taxpayers' money would not have been spent had Clinton had the integrity to tell the truth seven months ago.

This is not the first time President Clinton has lied, dissembled, deceived and stonewalled about his actions. This is a pattern, and the only reason he had to finally cut his losses and tell the truth about his affair with Lewinsky was because he was caught red-handed. Had Ken Starr not had the evidence Clinton and his team of lawyers and spin doctors would have successfully turned the blame on the independent investigator, and the American people would have been led to believe that Clinton is merely an innocent victim caught in a whirlwind of personal vendetta and unfairness.Oh, wait. That IS what happened. Despite the fact that Bill Clinton is again exposed as a liar and adulterer, the American people seem to love the guy and decry Starr's actions as an unfair attack on Clinton's personal life. Have we forgotten that this was an investigation not to expose all the little sordid details of Clinton's personal life just for scandal's sake but to find if Clinton was involved in criminal actions?

Are we willing to look the other way when our president and protector seems willing to lie if it serves his standing in the polls - not just about his personal sexual affairs but about the laws and policies of this nation? If Clinton has been repeatedly unfaithful and deceptive to the two people he claims to love above all others, how faithful is he being to us? If he is truly sorry he would have resigned in shame and in order to focus on fixing his family relationships, since he claims they are the most important people to him.

Cassandra Legge

Salt Lake City