Farrah Fawcett's ex-boyfriend faces up to one year in jail for slamming her head to the ground and choking her last January.

James Orr, a director, writer and producer whose credits include "Three Men and A Baby," was convicted Tuesday in Santa Monica of misdemeanor battery on the former "Charlie's Angels" star.During the trial, Fawcett described how Orr, 44, attacked her Jan. 28 in his driveway. Fawcett, 51, admitted smashing his windows with a baseball bat and attacking him with a bar stool. The defense said Orr was trying to prevent the actress from further damaging his home.

"Farrah simply told the truth," said her spokesman, Anthony Pellicano. "She truly hopes that her sense of conviction sends a positive message to all battered women."

Orr, who was fined $6,000, says he plans to appeal.